Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Happy Black Friday!
Did you go shopping today?
I didn't. I don't do black friday very well. I usually end up buying things I don't need, because I'm very much of an impulse buyer. I usually figure that whatever I absolutely need, I should be able to afford to pay for its full price.
This past week, I ventured out into some DIY projects. I'm still working on one of them.
And the other, I wore yesterday!
Maegan from Maegan did this DIY and I just could not help myself. Specially since I had been wanting a faux fur coat for a while now. It was extremely easy to do. And if you like mine, I strongly encourage you to do it. I thought about writing out my steps, but I figured Maegan did a much better job. You really should just follow her steps.
And here it is, Voila!
{Too bad I didn't get a closer picture of it, and I'm sorry the quality came out so poor}


I hope you had lots to eat! And it was wonderful!
 We had so much food.
I always like how beautiful my mom makes the table look!

God Bless,


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving thanks this thanksgiving

I'm thankful for

 I'm thankful that I had the chance to honeymoon in Hawaii for 12 days.

 It was beautiful.

 I"m thankful for my wonderful family

My amazing parents {married almost 28 years}

I'm thankful for the relationship I have with my sister

I'm thankful for my sister's family; they brighten my world
Words can't describle the love I have more my nephews. 
And I'm thanful for my besty....
It's never a dull moment with her.
 I'm thankful for the strength I had to finish my first 10K this year!


It's been a good year.
And my heart is full of gratitude

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

God bless,


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Warning: This post may make you hungry

Today I am a rockstar housewife! I cooked up some awesome beef strognoff, which the husband loves, therefore making me a rockstar! Apparently it is {and it was} pretty easy to cook. I can definately see myself whipping this up in a matter of minutes {and rocking out around the house; I like being a rockstar}The best part is husband really loves this stuff, and we all know I like to make husband happy, 'so I will add this recipe to the '4 things I can cook and will cook again'. 
So here's how I earned my rockstar status.
Who chops up onions this way?!
 A little onion, garlic and olive oil.
 Then add the meat of your choice {i chose steak}
 Add some veggies or whatnots of your choice; I added heart of palms {because I love the stuff} and some green onions
 Then some diced tomatoes. 
 Here's where I went slighty wrong. You see, sometimes I get carried away in my cooking and forget that I'm not as skilled as I wish to be, and I forget to follow the recipe.
I was supposed to add only 1 tbsp of tomato sauce; I added 1 whole can.
Slighty saucy.
 Add some table cream and
I promise you that it tasted sooo much better than it looked.
It's supposed to go with rice, but because I got so excited in cooking my little beef stroganoff, I forgot all about it and burned the rice! I was so upset.
The whole house smelles like something went terrible wrong.

Oh well, reason #222 why I don't cook. I'm just not that good at it.

Have a good one!

God bless,


Monday, November 22, 2010

It's definately fall up in here

Remember this wishlist right here? Well, check out them boots! It's the same excact ones from the list and I'm loving them. I could easily wear them everyday, with everything I own, they are that awesome.
Altough it looks like fall and technically it is, it does not feel it at all. Therefore, I have mixed feelings about this weather. I want it to be cold because I actually appreciate the cool weather, and I really enjoy wearing my winter wardrobe. But I guess it's kinda nice to be able to still enjoy this gorgeous weather, and sit outside on the patio {eventhough we don't have one} and be able to go on walks {although I haven't had any walks lately} without freezing my teeth off. I guess what Im realizing is that I need to get my butt outside and enjoy some Fall before it's gone!

 And check out them elbow patches!! I'm really struggling NOT to put elbow patches on all my sweaters. Look how easy it is to sew them on yourself.

 So, my beef strognoff was a huge success! It tastes sooo delish! I even invited my family over for dinner { which never happens, because I never rarely cook} I hope they're proud. I will post pictures later of that whole process.  I'm off to work on one of my DYI projects! wheeee!

God bless,


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just another outfit post

For this outfit, I must say I was actually inspired a little a lot by this outfit. We went out to dinner with my brother-in-law and his wife and we had wonderful time! I wish I had taken pictures at the restaurant because it was such a cute little place. Delicious food, cozy atmosphere and lovely company sums up our night. We will definately be going back.
 I don't usually wear skirts this short, but husband likes it, and I like making husband happy. It's fun!

These are my new shoes {which I need to get a better picture of} and I love them! They are not booties, I think they're called shooties? Well, they were the missing piece in my shoedrobe. They go with everything and add about a good 5" to my height. Mama like!!
Oh, oh!I almost forgot to tell you. Tomorrow I'm going to embark on some DIY projects and I'm super excited!  I will try and capture the process or I may just show the final project depending how scattered-brain I get. I tend to be a bit of a space cadet, so I may or may not forget to actually take pictures throughout the projects. Please don't judge me.
1st DIY project of the day: Cooking some beef strognoff for my husband...{not sure you can call cooking a 'diy project' but I'm still pretty pumped}
 Stay tuned!
Have a good night people!

God bless,


Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthday Boy

Last week was husband's birthday, and because I went through a small blogging hiatus I completely missed out on giving him a birthday shout-out. {insert sad face here} Since we are still in the month of November.... Happy Birthday Babe!

{ I'm so blessed to be married to you, you handsome thing you. }

Thank you for allowing me to spend your our money and never getting mad at me when I buy a little too much.
Thank you for making me laugh at least 500x a day.
Thank you for not getting mad at me when I broke the car radio. {OK, you did get a little mad, but I thought you would be madder}
Thank you for taking me out on many dates throughout the week.
Thank you for being so darn good-looking!
Thank you for trying {and succeeding} to make me happy every single day...

I love you so much, words are just not enough.

 Love,  The Wifey

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just for fun

{My best friend Hana, Me, my other best friend & sister :)}
  So, I'm not feeling so good today. I have a sore throat and my body is achy. Husband, in all his sweetness, went to get me some chicken soup from the mexican restaurant {my fave!} down the street.  My husband is the best, I tell ya.
This weekend was so much fun. Hubs and I went on a couple of dates. Friday night was sister's birthday dinner. Saturday night we went to watch Social Network and it was really good. I knew it would be, but it's one of those movies that leave you talking about it afterwards. Sunday, we went to another birthday celebration for my sister {like I said on my last post, she really does celebrate all month long} and for some weird reason I took no pictures to document any of it. Boo!
But in honor of my sister's month-long celebration here are some pictures of the two of us {and my BFF since midle school} 
Last month, we went to one of my favorite places, sips n strokes. {Do you have one in your area?} 
It's a place where you can sip on your beverage of choice and paint! Simple right?
And it is. They have an intructor showing you step by step how to paint. Everyone paints the same picture but they all come out different and unique. It's one of my favorite things to do! 

My face looks huge. haha

i made a boo-boo

The finished work

{My two BFFs}
Just wanted to share with you some fun times.    
 God bless,