Thursday, July 14, 2011


i happen to be a big kardashian fan. what i like most about them are their outfits. they know how to dress for their curves and they always manage to look sexy, yet classy. so its no surprise that i'm often inspired by them.
the outfit below was completely inspired by kim, down to the nail color. i had to improvise with the hat and belt, of course, but i think it may have come close enough.  
jeans: express
shirt: express
shoes: bakers
watch: target
bag: mulberryfor target
necklace: t&co
belt: target
fedora: store in miami

{me trying to work my pucker and the real kim k}

happy friday!

be blessed,

pineapple and mint.

it was so hot today i decided i thought it was good idea to finally use up the deliciously ripe pineapple sitting on our counter. my sister usually makes a pineapple and mint drink whenever we visit. i thought it was my turn to try. it was quite easy to make and quite refreshing. perfectly suiting for the weather.
{simple ingredients: pineapple and freshly picked mint}
{peel and...}


{toss in the mint}

{toss in the pineapple}

{add some water}

{add sugar to taste}

{and blend}


{serve with ice}


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

small things. big smiles.

lately i've been taking time to appreciate the small things that make me smile.
here are some small things that have brought a big smile to my face lately.

{my two new coffee table books.}

{fresh flowers in the perfect shade of pink}

{ the ultimate side-kick.}

{a ripe pineapple ready to be made into a delicious juice tommorrow}

{new sandals my sister bought me.}
{how can you not smile looking at this face?}

{a new addition to my essie summer collection-peach daquiri. 1st one on the left}
what things are making you smile today?



Monday, July 11, 2011

a little neon in my life.

so here's another outfit post this week. i wanted to post a different kind of post today to keep things more interesting but as i said here, i won't put any pressure on my self. so this is what i got, and it is what it is.
now about this dress which i just love love love. i specifically love the racer back and the neon with grey. i added a colorful sports bra because i just happened to have one that matched. i think i loved this dress because it reminded me of  this dress when i saw it hanging at the zara sales rack. except it's a more summery, relaxed version. which is perfect for the hot weather we've been suffering! as my friend brooke says: bah hambug at this nasty weather. but yay for this adorable dress i scored at zara.

dress: zara (S)
sandals: bakers (S)
jewelery: tiffany (SSS)
sunnies: ray-bans (SS)
sportsbra: target (S)
bag: louis vuitton neverful gm ($$$$)
cute puppy: priceless (SSSSS...SS?)

thanks for stopping by,