Thursday, July 14, 2011


i happen to be a big kardashian fan. what i like most about them are their outfits. they know how to dress for their curves and they always manage to look sexy, yet classy. so its no surprise that i'm often inspired by them.
the outfit below was completely inspired by kim, down to the nail color. i had to improvise with the hat and belt, of course, but i think it may have come close enough.  
jeans: express
shirt: express
shoes: bakers
watch: target
bag: mulberryfor target
necklace: t&co
belt: target
fedora: store in miami

{me trying to work my pucker and the real kim k}

happy friday!

be blessed,


  1. love both of your hats!! great look :)

  2. Your outfit is too cute! You did a great job of copying Kim's outfit and pout!

  3. ooh lovely hat!!
    Come follow my blog darling :)


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