Wednesday, July 13, 2011

small things. big smiles.

lately i've been taking time to appreciate the small things that make me smile.
here are some small things that have brought a big smile to my face lately.

{my two new coffee table books.}

{fresh flowers in the perfect shade of pink}

{ the ultimate side-kick.}

{a ripe pineapple ready to be made into a delicious juice tommorrow}

{new sandals my sister bought me.}
{how can you not smile looking at this face?}

{a new addition to my essie summer collection-peach daquiri. 1st one on the left}
what things are making you smile today?




  1. I love this post! Definitely made me smile :) Those flowers will lift anyone's spirits up!

  2. gerber daisies are my fav and i love those sandals!

  3. So much of this post makes me smile too! I'm a nail polish must know that I just love your little Essie collection! Your pup is absolutely adorable, those little eyes are precious! And I love how bright the flower stems are - good thinking to keep the plastic thing on them, I know they're stems break so easily!


  4. I'm loving your nail polish choices! New polish definitely brings a smile to my face! I love that nude looking color!


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