Sunday, July 10, 2011

what i wore...

this is what i wore to church this weekend. i don't know what my obsession with blazers are lately but i seem to throw one on with every outfit possible. even when it's beyond hot outside you may still catch me in a blazer.
i had a great weekend. after traveling with the hubs for two weeks i was ready to settle down at home and spend some qt with the family. we went to my parents house sunday for a bbq during the day, and when the sun went down we all went for a walk. there were so many laughs. it was such wonderful time spent with the best people in the world. i love home. i love family.

blazer: h&m
dress: ross (very very old)
belt: from a target dress
shoes: zara
bag: target (old)
jewelery: tiffany & co
sunnies: ray-bans

{snuck in my mom for a photo. isn't she adorbs?}


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  1. I Love Love Love your outfit. And the blazer just makes the look ...come together...
    I'm glad your back.


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