Monday, July 11, 2011

a little neon in my life.

so here's another outfit post this week. i wanted to post a different kind of post today to keep things more interesting but as i said here, i won't put any pressure on my self. so this is what i got, and it is what it is.
now about this dress which i just love love love. i specifically love the racer back and the neon with grey. i added a colorful sports bra because i just happened to have one that matched. i think i loved this dress because it reminded me of  this dress when i saw it hanging at the zara sales rack. except it's a more summery, relaxed version. which is perfect for the hot weather we've been suffering! as my friend brooke says: bah hambug at this nasty weather. but yay for this adorable dress i scored at zara.

dress: zara (S)
sandals: bakers (S)
jewelery: tiffany (SSS)
sunnies: ray-bans (SS)
sportsbra: target (S)
bag: louis vuitton neverful gm ($$$$)
cute puppy: priceless (SSSSS...SS?)

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  1. the dog is too cute - and im just like you - cant resist a little neon these days :)


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