Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Happy Black Friday!
Did you go shopping today?
I didn't. I don't do black friday very well. I usually end up buying things I don't need, because I'm very much of an impulse buyer. I usually figure that whatever I absolutely need, I should be able to afford to pay for its full price.
This past week, I ventured out into some DIY projects. I'm still working on one of them.
And the other, I wore yesterday!
Maegan from Maegan did this DIY and I just could not help myself. Specially since I had been wanting a faux fur coat for a while now. It was extremely easy to do. And if you like mine, I strongly encourage you to do it. I thought about writing out my steps, but I figured Maegan did a much better job. You really should just follow her steps.
And here it is, Voila!
{Too bad I didn't get a closer picture of it, and I'm sorry the quality came out so poor}


I hope you had lots to eat! And it was wonderful!
 We had so much food.
I always like how beautiful my mom makes the table look!

God Bless,



  1. OMG I am a little bit in love with your boots!!!!

  2. "I usually figure that whatever I absolutely need, I should be able to afford to pay for its full price."

    wise words. I feel like that too, but I was never able to verbalize it like this.

    um beijo!

  3. love your boots and the table arrangement!


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