Monday, November 22, 2010

It's definately fall up in here

Remember this wishlist right here? Well, check out them boots! It's the same excact ones from the list and I'm loving them. I could easily wear them everyday, with everything I own, they are that awesome.
Altough it looks like fall and technically it is, it does not feel it at all. Therefore, I have mixed feelings about this weather. I want it to be cold because I actually appreciate the cool weather, and I really enjoy wearing my winter wardrobe. But I guess it's kinda nice to be able to still enjoy this gorgeous weather, and sit outside on the patio {eventhough we don't have one} and be able to go on walks {although I haven't had any walks lately} without freezing my teeth off. I guess what Im realizing is that I need to get my butt outside and enjoy some Fall before it's gone!

 And check out them elbow patches!! I'm really struggling NOT to put elbow patches on all my sweaters. Look how easy it is to sew them on yourself.

 So, my beef strognoff was a huge success! It tastes sooo delish! I even invited my family over for dinner { which never happens, because I never rarely cook} I hope they're proud. I will post pictures later of that whole process.  I'm off to work on one of my DYI projects! wheeee!

God bless,



  1. So freaking cute..... damn I feel so outdated every time I look @ ur blog and realize I haven't bought anything new or cute in a WHIIIIIILE! miss u BFF! I will send u the pics from the other night soon! :) <3

  2. elbow patches look so cool, I should put them on some of my clothes, too.

  3. can't leave a comment on the post above for some reason so I'm leaving it here! such a funny post, I'm completely hopeless at cooking and I do the exact same thing and make up my own thing half way through making things and it NEVER works out!! great post! :)


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