Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Fall Wish List

I thought I would compile a list of some things I want  need for fall!
{secretly hoping/wishing husband will read/bookmark this post}

1). Okay, so I have no, none, nada, photography skills whatsoever. But I still feel like I neeeeed a more 'grown up' camera. Right now, my camera is a joke {the lens are broke and I have to open it with my fingers and of course, it doesn't always want to open. So most times I have to actually smack it against my hand and hope for the best} If I want my blogging skills to improve, I must get a Nikon DSLR. 

Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR with Extra 55-200mm Non-VR Lens with, wait for it...a camera bag!!

2) So I know you guys are gonna think I'm crazy, but since it is a 'wish' list {and the hubby may be seeing this} I felt it was important to put it on in here. I. am. in love. with this bag! If you read my last post and can recall my new obsession with anything Camel then you can see how this is the icing on that cake!! Mulbery Bayswater in the lovely Camel Glossy Buffalo Leather bag. (((sigh))) it's love...

Mulberry Bayswater Camel Bag

 3) So back down to reality. I have really been wanting some military style boots. I have been seeing them everywhere and they're definately on my get-soon list. Here are a few I found from Aldo & Jessica Simpson shoe collection... 
Aldo up top
Jessica on the bottom

4) Also need some flat boots...

Reaaally loving these from Famous Footwear
Currently On sale!!! :)

These are also pretty awesome.

5) Last but not least, just in case it rains....

Hunter Boots for rainy times! Eventhough, now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time it rained in Atlanta!
Still good to have is what I say ;)

Just thought I'd share with you {and the husband} some of the things I have been wanting needing lately. 
A vacation would also be nice. Maybe I'll add that to next week's wish list.

God bless,


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  1. hahahaha. I feel like a need to get a wish/need/not-really list since my b-day's coming up. Most of the items on there really are very pretty and stylish (or just plain Sweeeet). I have to say though that you can already cross out the tan-flat boots, which i am very tempted to get me a pair. I just loved it. So keep on writing and i'll keep on loving.


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