Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blazers and Zebras

Today I woke up, went downstairs to get the paper, and saw how that it was the most beautiful day! This picture is looking out from my front door. It was just so nice and peaceful for some reason.
I love Georgia in the fall! Actually, this may be the only time I love Georgia. There's a perfect balance in the weather. Makes me happy. I guess another title to this post could also have been 'happy feet!' since I happen to have the perfect happy-feet-shoes on today. :)

You can thank my husband for the last picture. He has a gift for taking pictures excatly at the wrong time! hahah  

I think this outfit incorporates all my favorite pieces from my closet. My Express blazer that I can't live without. My Target jeggins that are so comfy I am tempted to sleep in them every time I wear them. And last but not least, my zebra flats! Which are not only comfy but add a little fun to my feet!  Its a good outfit for school when the sweatpants are dirty.

(((I'm waiting for something in the mail that I am soooo excited about! I am hoping it'll be here today by the time I get home from school! I will show you guys what it is tommorrow!wheee!!! )))
God bless,


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  1. You are so cute! I'm loving your blog!


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