Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday Night Date With Husband

Here are 5 things you don't need to know but I'm gonna tell you anyways:

1. I didn't realize how unflattering these pants were on me, until I was posting pics for this post. 


2. #1 will not stop me from wearing them again. 

3. Husband does NOT like to be photographed unexpectadly.

4. We had THE BEST fried calamari last night.

5. Before going into the restaurant for our date, I made husband walk with me to Zara so I could buy something. Husband is awesome. He did, and didn't even complain.

God bless,



  1. such a nice husband! :) I'm lucky enough that mine actually LIKES to go shopping for clothes, so we can go to Zara together from time to time.

    Jules, how long have you been living in the US? do you ever visit Brazil? I'm curious about those things ;)

    um beijo!

  2. zara does have some very cool things...

  3. Ah Jules you and the hubby are adorbs! And those pants totally look flattering on you - sometimes certain pieces of clothing just don't photograph well. Definitely continue wearing them - love!! :)

  4. you're so pretty - just thought i should tell you! :)

    and you two are adorable...!

    thanks so much for the lovely comments on my blog! your blog is great! i'm going to follow you...!

    xx elanor

  5. Pants do look good, stop being crazy...


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