Saturday, October 23, 2010

Taking it easy in the Big Easy....

Okay, So New Orleans is... different. But different isn't always a bad thing. It's different than what I had in mind.
I love it though. It's rich in history, culture and has GREAT food.
It is also dirty, smells of urine, and old in some parts. But I think the culture compesates for all of the above.  Me & the husband went to Bourbon Street today and saw many people drunk {like, barely-walking-straight-drunk} at noon! We thought it was hilarious.  Needless to say, We've been having a great time!! 
However, the weather has NOT cooperated with me. It has been 85degrees alllll day long. Too hot for boots. But I actually put them on, walked outside and just felt too silly wearing them when everyone else had on booty shorts and flip flops. So thank goodness I brought some flats and some 'light-weather' clothes. 

Bourbon St.

I wanted to post some pictures the city but it's taking fooooorrrr-evaaaaa to upload! So maybe tomorrowI can share a little New Orleans with the world. ;)

Hugs & Kisses from Lousiana

God Bless,



  1. You are in my hometown! I hope you have enjoyed it...minus the urine smell, lol!

  2. New Orleans is one of those places I know someday I will visit. it really looks like my kind of place :)

    (oh, and I loved your outfit: simple, classic, effective, and very chic! I usually look like a hobo when I travel, so I admire people who manage to look presentable when away from home).

    um beijo!


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