Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Funday

Hello friends and family (Lo, Hana, and mom- the only three people who know about Everyday Jules) Today, the hubs and I had a fun day. We went car shopping for me! Right now we both have two SUVs and we were hoping to get me a smaller car to drive around in. We found one I really like but we’re going to sleep on it. This is what I wore as we shopped around…

 And check out my new shoes. The newest addition to the family. I think they are my new favorite. I can't help but plan all my outfits around them. So I feel I should give you all a fair warning to expect many outfits posts featuring my new steve maddens. Too bad they hurt my feet. The price we pay for the things we love.
Have you ever made a painful sacrifice for the shoes you love?

God bless,


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